Privacy Policy

Travelohelp is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of our clients, which clients provide us with to book their itinerary. Our privacy policy will explain how we used the personal information you mentioned to log in to our website. Before making any deal with us, we suggest you read our privacy policy to understand how careful we are about your personal details.

Our promises

Travelohelp key assets are its client trust. Our key priority is to keep our client details safe and use client information for useful purposes only. Here we are sharing our promises for every client-

  • We are committed to securing every single detail of our client that has been shared with us.
  • We use our client's personal information to inform our clients about our services, offers, and deals on ticket fares.
  • To promote our newly launched product, we use our client's data, which helps us to boost our business.
  • Its our company policy not everyone on our staff can access our client detail; only trained and trustworthy employees who are trained in maintaining client detail can access client information. If employees disobey our privacy laws, our company takes disciplinary action against them.
  • We did not disclose our client's personal information to any other organization without informing our clients.
  • We are liable to maintain and secure our client's privacy; however, we share our client information with a renowned organization in case customers are interested in their services and product.
  • We maintain our record with the client's accurate and up-to-date information. We inform our clients how they can use their detail to get about our updated policies.

How do we gather client detail?

General: We collected information about clients when they made registered on our website. We gather client details like a name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and facts about your computer. We also collect client detail from their workplace by offering various journey plants to renowned companies' employees. Our company also collect our client's detail through a survey or by filling out a feedback form about our services.

Vis social media or Online: We routinely collect users' IP addresses and Web site usage information when they visit our website. This information helps us examine how our viewers and customers use and direct our website collectively, including the number and regularity of visitors and customers to each page of our services.

How do we use client information?

We use client's information for the following purposes-

  • For the reasons you gave the data on our website.
  • To send clients e-mails about our new or existing items and administrations, exceptional offers, or reach you..
  • To upgrade existing elements or new highlights, items, and administrations
  • To permit us to customize the element and promote what you and others see because of individual qualities. We use our client data to update our clients so that we can prove to our clients that we are working actively.
  • We use the data that we gather from our clients to inform them about our policies and send notifications about our updated services