Terms & Constions

Travelohelp terms of services are written that you must read carefully at the time of ticket booking. If you are using our website, that means you agree to our terms of service. Our term of service includes all the essential detail related to booking, cancellation, refund, etc., that will help you to understand our policies. Terms of service are easy to access for our clients, but before investing within us, go through our terms and conditions to avoid misunderstanding and financial loss.


We offer amenities and benefits like administrators and lodgings when we accept your instalment. We offer these services for client benefits when you reserve your travel destination. Therefore, users must read carefully all the information related to reservations.


Passengers should check that the accommodation journey is valid and that all names and times are similar to their passports. The ticket agent or booking company contacts you to verify all the reservation information. Check all papers and check all details; if any changes are needed, contact us immediately. Otherwise, your ticket will be non-refundable.


When users make their booking then asked to pay the full fare or pay in instalments. But you have to pay the remaining amount before the due date. Otherwise, it will read to cancel your booking, and the company will charge cancellation charges if you decide to cancel your booking.

Cancellation and Amendment

If our users want to cancel or alter their reservation, they must send us a written request. Suppliers can charge cancellation or modification fees as per their terms and conditions. No refund process is available by the airline or supplier in case of booking cancellation.


Several mediators or airlines offered insurance when you made your booking with them. Please verify within your local embassy or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before purchasing a travel insurance policy in certain places. When you cancel your trip due to sickness, accident or loss of baggage and money, then the entire cost will be covered in an insurance policy.

Delivery of Documents

All the mandatory documents are sent to you through regular postal services, but we are not responsible for the case of missing or lost documents. You can reissue your tickets or other papers in lost documents by paying its charges. Furthermore, you can request to us by changing our delivery method to deliver your document, but for it, you have to bear extra charges


Once your booking has been confirmed, the client will receive email notifications. This email is proof of your purchase. The airline will confirm your services by sending a notification to its client.


If you have any issues with our services, our trained staff is always here for you. To get more detail, you can contact our customer care services. If you have any complaints regarding our services, you can contact your suppliers. If you have any problem on vacation, you should immediately contact the agent or local suppliers. In this case, your problem is immediately diagnosed by our executive and will resolve immediately